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    UV Leak Detect Filter

    Fluorescence Detect Filter

    UV Leak Detect Filter

    Fluorescence Detect Filter

    Functions: Pass the UV light.

    Conversion light to UV light.

    Applications: UV Equipments.


    ITEM NO: UV445

    Spectral Characteristics

    T50% =445 +/-5nm

    Tave>75% @ 390-410nm

    Tave<3% @ 460-700nm

    Physical Characteristics

    Glass: 1.1mm

    Tempered Glass: 2, 3, 4, 5mm

    Borosilicate: 1.1mm

    Square: 8x8 - 220x220mm

    Round: Dia8 - 210mm

    *Tempered glass has a minimum size limit.

    Resistant Temperature

    Glass: 150℃

    Tempered Glass: 250℃

    Borosilicate: 450℃

    Information and Notes

    1. UV Leak Detect Filter with 28 thin film layers which vacuum-deposited on substrate.

    2. Coating by PVD-EBGE (Physical Vapor Deposition-Electron Beam Gun Evaporation) 。

    3. The transmittance curves are measurements at 0° of incidence angle.

    4. The transmittance curves are based on actual measurements and may be different with manufacturing lots.

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    UV Leak Detect Filter,rocoes UV Leak Detect Filter,rocoes UV Leak Detect Filter,rocoes