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Red Reflector Red wavelength high reflection.
Blue Reflector Blue wavelength high reflection.
Infrared Reflector Infrared wavelength highly reflects while visible light transmits.
Red/Infrared pass filters Red and/or Infrared wavelength pass while visible light reflects.
Green pass-Red reflector Green passes while Red reflects.
R/G/B Bandpass filters Divide visible light into red, green and blue, and block the other lights.
High transmittance filters Selected wavelength highly transmits.
High reflectance filters Selected wavelength highly reflects.
Bandpass filters Selected wavelength passes.
Beamsplitters Penetrate and reflect light at a certain ratio.
Density filters Reduce transmittance. There are multiple kinds of transmttance for selecting.
Diffuser/Frost Enlarde beam angle, and soften the light.
Aluminum Mirrors Reflecting light or images from the first surface.
ROD Glass rod.

Applications: CCD Barcode scanner/reader, Laser, Infrared equipments, AOI.