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IR-cut filters Also called Hot Mirror. Infrared wavelength reflects while visible wavelength highly transmits.
IR pass/Cold mirrors Also clalled Cold Mirror. Visible wavelength reflects while infrared wavelength highly transmits.
Bandpass filters Only the delected wavelength that was selected can pass.
Beamsplitters Split the transmittance and reflectance ratio of light.
Density filters Decrease transmittance. There are multiple kinds of transmittance for selecting.
Mirrors Aluminum Mirrors, AU Mirrors, High reflection mirrors
UV-cut filters UV block, UV stop.
UV pass filters UV passes. Adsorb or reflect visible light.
Glass filters Colored optical glass filters.
IR absorb filters Absorb infrared and visible transmitted.
Blue glass Optical blue glass filters.
R.O.Y. glass Optical Red, Orange, Yellow glass filters.
For photography Various of glass filters.
Dichroic filters Multi-layers coating on glass could change color of glass.
R/G/B Bandpass Filters Divide visible lights into red, green and blue.
Color temperature conversion filters Changing color temperature.
UV leak detect filters Make halogen bulb pass large amount of UV light and enable fluorescent substance to react.
Polarzing filters Only allow certain direction of light to pass.
Anti Reflecion Filters Low-reflectance transparent glass or acrylic sheet.
HOYA Glass Optical glass filters from HOYA Japan.

Applications: Laser equipments, Image equipments, Optical Equipments, Medical Equipments, AOI.