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    HOYA colored glass filters

    Glass filters, rocoes

    Hoya Colored Glass
    (Colored Glass Filters from Hoya)

    HOYA colored glass filters

    Functions: Transmits or absorbs light within the of one or several wavelength.

    Applications: Medical Equipments, Optical Equipments, Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment(AOI)

    ITEM No.
    Ultraviolet Transmitting
    Visible Absorbing Filters (U)
    U-325C, U-330, U-340, U-350, U-360
    Infrared Transmitting Filters
    (R, IR, RM)
    R70, R72, IR76, IR80, IR83, IR85, IR90, IR100, RT-830
    IR absorb filters
    Heat Absorbing Filters (HA)
    HA30, HA50
    Blue Filters (B)
    B370, B390, B410, B440, B460
    Sharp Cut Filters (L, Y, O, R)
    L37, L38, L39, L42
    Y44, Y48, Y50, Y52
    O54, O56, O59
    Green Filters (G)
    G530, G533, G545, G550
    Light Balancing Filters (LA, LB)
    LA20, LA40, LA80, LA120, LA140
    LB20, LB40, LB80, LB100, LB120, LB145, LB165, LB200
    Color Compensating Filters (C)
    CM-500, C-500S, CAW-500, C-5000, CM-5000
    Neutral Density Filters (ND)
    ND-03, ND-13, ND-25, ND-40, ND-50, ND-70
    Multiband Calibration Filters (V, H, Y)
    V10, V30, HY-1
    Information and Notes

    1. All optically colored glass in this series are manufactured by HOYA (Hoya Candeo Optronics Corporation) of Japan, all models are developed by Hoya.

    2. It can be used for secondary processing, such as cutting, coating, packaging and other services.

    2. Website specifications are for reference only, shipped according to Hoya original factory standard。

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