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Optical Filters

Reflect near infrared. Digital/PC/web camera, AOI.
Pass infrared. Night vision monitor, Optical system, vision system.
Selected wavelength pass. Optical Equipment, Medical Equipment, AOI.
Half transition, half reflection. Laser equipments, Optical Equipment, AOI.
Decrease transmittance. Optical Equipment, Medical, Fiber Lighting, AOI.
Part wavelength reflect, Visible light reflect, High reflection mirror Medical, Lighting, Laser applications, AOI.
UV block, stop. Lighting, Optical Equipments.
Pass UV while adsorb or reflect visible. Lighting, Medical, UV Leak detect.
Glass Filters Lighting, Photography, Optical Equipment, vision system
Absorb infrared. Digital/PC/web camera
Optical blue glass, absorb infrared CCTV Lens, Digital camera lens
Optical Red, Orange, Yellow glass CCTV Lens, Digital camera lens
Various of glass filter PC/Digital Camera, Camera, Video/Digital Camera, Monitor camera.
Multi-layers Coating on glass to change the color. Stage lighting, scan, Moving Head, Lighting, Fiber Lighting, Effect lighting.
Rise or reduce color temperature. Lighting, Stage lighting, Optical equipment.
Conversion light to uv light UV Lighting, UV equipments.
Polarizing light Optical equipments, Image equipments.

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