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Glass GOBOs (Pattern Glass)

Glass GOBOs
Pattern Glass
Key Features
Multi glass pattern can be projected.
UV absorption
Stage Lighting.
Moving Head(Stage Lighting).
Scanner(Stage Lighting).

Information and Notes

  • 1. Dichroic Gobos base on dichroic filters. Which with 21~46 thin film layers which vacuum-deposited on substrate.
  • 2. Dichroic Gobos are designed with 0°of incidence angle, the larger incidence angles shift the characteristics to long wave side.
  • 4. Non-standard size filters are also available upon request.
  • 5. The transmittance curves are measurements at 0°of incidence angle.
  • 6. The transmittance curves are based on actual measurements and may be different with manufacturing lots.
  • 7. Browse below for more information and products,
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