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About Dichroic.Asia

Brief Introduction

Founded on 2010 Dichroic.Asia Optotech Ltd. Specializes in the fabrication of optical coatings and optical components. We rely on our professional expertise and practical experience in the field of electro-optics to offer our customers products with consistent, superior quality. Because we firmly believe in providing trustworthy, dependable service, we have earned our customers’ trust and support.

Products Brief Introduction

Our chief products are interference filters, color filters, dichroic filters, hot mirrors (ir cut filters), cold mirrors (ir pass filters), beam splitters, dichroic gobos, dichroic mirrors, glass filters, filter for photography, mirrors, various coating filters used in stage lighting, effect lighting, fiber lighting, medical treatment supplies, digital camera filter, CCD barcode scanner, lighting and various of optical materials. We also offer various glass, soda lime glass, borosilicate, glass from CORNING (EAGLE 2000, EAGLE XG, 0211), glass from SCHOTT (D263T, BOROFLOAT, B270), glass from ASAHI and various lenses.

Facts about Dichroic.Asia

Company full name: Dichroic.Asia Optotech Ltd.
Date of incorporation: 2010
No. of employees: 30
Paid-in capital: USD$ 1 million.
Key products: Dichroic Filters, Optical Filters and Optical Lenses.
Production site and its footprint:
Building 7, Sanecore Science & Technology Industry Park: 2,000 square meters.

  • D263T, B270, BOROFLOAT33 tradmark are belong to SCHOTT AG.
  • EAGLE XG, EAGLE 2000, 0211 tradmark are belong to Corning Incorporated.
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