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    Dichroic Gobos

    gobo/dichroic gobo

    Dichroic Gobos


    Dichroic gobos, with projection or moving-head lights, can be used in exhibition venues, commercial spaces or on stage to project a variety of monochrome or multi-colored patterns.

    Applications: Lighting, Stage Lighting, Entertainment Lighting.

    Dichroic gobos,rocoes


    Available in color:

    Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink, Magenta, Cyan, Yellow-green.

    Physical Characteristics

    Glass: 1.1mm

    Borosilicate: 1.1mm

    Square: 8x8 - 220x220mm

    Round: Dia8 - 210mm

    Resistant Temperature



    Information and Notes

    1. The pattern sheet provides a customized service, and various colors or patterns can be produced according to customers' requirements.

    2. The pattern sheet is vacuum-deposited with a multilayer dielectric film metal material, and then patterned by a post-processing process.

    3. Coating by PVD-EBGE (Physical Vapor Deposition-Electron Beam Gun Evaporation).

    4. Some of the patterns are exclusive to the customer and cannot be supplied.

    5. The website specifications are for reference only, and shipments are subjected to the specifications confirmed by both parties.

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