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    Fresnel Lens

    fresnel lens

    Fresnel Lens (Glass material)

    Also called fresnel lenses

    Functions: Short focal length

    Description: Fresnel lenses have equidistant ridges on one side of the lens. Through these ridges, the light can be focused, with a short focal length, high luminous flux, light weight, low material usage and easy construction of large concentrating devices.

    fresnel lenses

    Standard Products List

     ITEM NO.      Diameter    Focus        Material

     ROFL-01        110            110          Borosilicate

     ROFL-02        130              70          Borosilicate

     ROFL-03        150              70          Borosilicate

     ROFL-04        200            120          Borosilicate


    Information and Notes

    1. The Fresnel lens of ROCOES is made of glass, which can withstand high temperature and is suitable for stage lights or spotlights.

    2. We keep the website information updated as soon as possible. If there is any change, the actual spec. and color are based on the real products.

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