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    Glass process

    Process Description
    Coating Various coating processes such as optical film, dielectric film, and metal film.
    Cutting Shaped cuts such as squares, circles, trapezoids, triangles, sectors, irregular polygons, etc.
    Chamfer Manually cut the hand chamfer, specify the angle chamfer.
    Edging Edge processing, such as flat fog edge, round edge, and bevel edge.
    Spheron Or rounding: small round or round with strict tolerance requirements, grinding in a round way.
    Polisging Improve surface appearance quality or surface accuracy.
    Printing Printing black boxes, text, etc.
    Tempered In high temperature and cold air mode, the glass is increased in pressure resistance and impact resistance, and is broken into pellets.
    Chemically strengthened Increase the pressure and impact resistance of glass by chemical ion exchange.
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