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    Coatings are used in a wide range of applications and can be reached in our daily lives. Mirrors, accessories, steam locomotives, glasses, mobile phones, cameras, telescopes, displays, surveillance systems, lighting equipment, etc. are all available to a wide range of coating technologies. The speciality of ROCOES Co., Ltd. lies in various filters for optical applications. The brief introduction is as follows:

    First, entertainment, consumption:

    Digital camera anti-infrared filter, photographic filter, stage lighting change, water dance color change, building or bridge lighting, large electric game console, window lighting, fiber optic lighting, museum anti-ultraviolet lighting, LED lighting , computer screen protector, LCD projector, etc.

    Second, military equipment:

    Night vision device, searchlights, (long distance) night surveillance systems, sights, etc., rangefinders.

    Third, Industry and Commerce:

    Bar code scanner, laser level, ink line laser, photomicrography, cold light (green light) inspection light source, LED detection equipment, UV printing machine, welding helmet, filter for testing instruments, automatic optical inspection equipment.

    Fourth, medical equipment:

    Dental filling curing, minimally invasive and for testing instruments.

    We are currently working hard to improve quality and expand the Products line in order to compete with foreign products and expand the scope of application. Therefore, when you develop new products, encounter optical application problems, or your current optical equipment or products are not ideal, please contact us. In addition to selling our products, we are also happy to work with you., study together and explore the application of light.